Writing Curriculum for Elementary

Add our premier writing curriculum to your after school club, writing lab, connections, or specials! Our program complements what is taught by ELA teachers today with confidence-building, fun writing lessons. 

choose from our variety of 10-week lesson plans:

  • Plot and story structure (narrative writing)

  • Advertising (persuasive writing)

  • Mystery writing

  • Screenplay writing

  • Sensory detail and POV

  • Poetry and songwriting

  • Essay development

  • Research and journalism (expository writing)

  • Op-eds (opinion writing)

  • Journaling

Why Fun Creative Writing?

We believe that great writing skills benefit children in many areas; including improved test scores, boosted self-confidence, and ease of expression. 

Using teaching methodologies that emphasize and elevate critical and creative thinking, we have proudly graduated thousands of elementary students from our after school program. 

Praise for Our Program

"Your after-school club was instrumental in giving kids a creative outlet for writing." – Cobb County Principal

"I couldn’t believe that my [son] Gabriel was able to write his story all by himself! We’re so proud of him. He’s loving it!!" – Lorena Trejo, Parent

"Thanks most of all for being her writing teacher. She really does enjoy writing now, and I know it is because of you and your program." – Diana Flegal

"The Fun Creative Writing Club challenges my child to think and create. Also, the class teaches my child to think out the actual process of writing and how to focus on putting all her story ideas together into one cohesive composition." – 5th Grade Parent

"My daughter had a fantastic time and found your class extremely fun and educational. She learned a lot and it helped her with her regular school work. I highly recommend your workshop to other families. Thanks for all you do and for making it fun." – Paren

"I wanted to let you know that your program [Fun Creative Writing] is really making a difference. My daughter entered a writing contest and was able to easily develop her story using what she learned and she even included dialogue. I am very pleased with how she has grown." – 3rd Grade Paren

*Teacher coaching and student workshops are also available at an additional charge

Our writing program is different. We infuse:
• Real world applications
• Multi-media instructional writing
• Fun writing games
• Interactive engaging activities
• Public speaking
• Industry-standard writing techniques

Did you know?
Only 20% of secondary ELA (English Language Arts) and 32% of elementary teachers engage students in the type of short or sustained research projects central to academic writing in college. (Opfer, Kaufman, & Thompson, 2016, pp. 68–69)

The Fun Creative Writing curriculum package is perfect for your after school writing club or in-school writing lab. The writing lesson plans includes everything you need to get started. It is available on all platforms and includes:
• Easy-to-follow teacher lesson plans
• Engaging PowerPoint slides
• Teacher notes and tips
• *Quarterly teacher coaching
• Embedded video
• Interactive games
• Fun writing assignments
• Ready-to-print handouts