Cool Summer Writing Ideas

Ahhh! Summer has arrived.

No more waking up early. No homework and no more learning. But wait, what? No more learning? Whether you are in school or out, you are learning every day. Creating lists, texting, even passing notes in class (not recommended) are all forms of writing. Guess what? Writing does not have to be a chore. So let’s use this time to explore ways to include writing in our summer routines. Some of my favorite activities:

Write a screenplay 

Scriptwriters make a ton of money! They are the people that create the words or dialogues to your favorite movie, play, or television show. Why not write your own movie? I’m sure you have several eager friends who would love to be in your movie. You will need actors, stage props, and a film crew. You can ask your friends and family members to help. Do you have a friend who is always taking pictures or videos? They may be the perfect addition to your film crew. Are any of your friends crafty? Ask them to help create stage props. Read, set, action! Click here to see how you can get started.

Interview a relative

Wouldn’t it be fun to learn some of your loved ones’ childhood stories? Set up an interview with an aunt, uncle, or grandparent and find out all the dirt! First you will need to come up with a list of interview questions. You can either record the interview on a recording device or take notes as they speak. Every good interview needs history. Find out the historical facts about their hometown and what was popular when they were growing up. You can do this by Googling the year of their birth and their hometown. Write up your information as an expository essay or interview style. Share this at the next family gathering. Click here for a sample form to use for gathering information.

Poetry writing

Do you have a clever or interesting way of sharing your words? Poetry may be your “thing”. Did you know songs and rap lyrics are simply poems set to music? Poetry is a fun way to express how you view the world. There are lots of opportunities to share your work, too. Ask your church, community, or local camps for a stage to read your poetry. I bet they will be thrilled to have you entertain them.

Rewrite the ending

Here’s a fun activity. Think back to your favorite movie. How did it end? Now, I challenge you to rewrite it. What if Prince Charming married the wrong sister? What if Spider Man’s parents were still alive? Try changing your favorite fairytale into a science fiction book. Gather a group of friends and each of you can rewrite your favorite book or movie. Share your new story with each other during your next sleepover.

Everyday mystery

What kind of mysteries take place at your house?  Did someone take the last cookie and leave the empty bag in the pantry? Who left sticky juice footprints in the kitchen? It’s time to solve this mystery. Once you select what mystery to solve, you’ll need to identify the clues, gather evidence, and find witnesses. Click here for great mystery words to use in your everyday mystery story.

Complete any of these summer projects, submit them to us, and we willl send you a special prize from Fun Creative Writing for spending your summer with a pen in hand. Good luck and have fun!