Why We Do What We Do

To some, writing is effortless. To others, it's a constant struggle over technique, word choice, and writer's block. Why? Writing is a creative process, therefore each individual has a unique approach and experience with crafting words. Because of this, we have developed effective writing lessons and programs that play to students' strengths and promote creative thinking. Every child has talents and we're here to emphasize them.

Our customized programs and writing coaches instill writing confidence in children with useful tools and easy-to-grasp concepts. Imagine a day where your child no longer sits and stares at a blank piece of paper. Ready to sign up for a personal writing coach?

Fun Creative Writing Provides...

✓ Enhanced literacy
✓ Increased comprehension
✓ Better writing and reading skills
✓ Improved grammar
✓ Writing as form of therapy
✓ Stronger imagination
✓ Persuasive writing skills