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Do you have a passionate writer at home or a student in need of extra assistance in the writing department?

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"we strive to empower young people with the tools to express themselves through writing."

- Founder, Terri Whitmire

Fun Creative Writing

Do you love to write?

Do you dream of one day publishing your own story?

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“Fun creative writing challenges my child

to think and create”

...the class teaches my child how to think about the actual process of writing and how to focus on putting all of her story ideas together into one cohesion composition." - 5th Grade Parent

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I can see students singing the song as they work through their writing. You showed so many relevant examples to help students make a connection to the importance of author's craft in writing. Thank you for sharing your love of writing and creating!" - Assistant Principal, Karen Courant 

Fun Creative Writing for Kids

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The founders of Fun Creative Writing are also published authors who offer a wide variety of writing services. 

We turn ordinary students into extraordinary writers.

​​we foster...

  • Enhanced literacy
  • increased comprehension
  • better writing and reading
  • improved grammar
  • stronger imagination
  • ​persuasiveness
  • ​writing as form of therapy
Fun Creative Writing